The Honors Experience

Student Success Initiatives

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Florida State University has a long history of providing recognition and guidance for outstanding students through its honors program. Relaunched in 2018, the Honors Experience Program at Florida State identifies intellectually curious students who have the potential, dedication and drive to create change and provides them with holistic development through enriching experience both in and beyond the classroom. Simply put, the honors program develops students who are scholars, leaders, innovators and lifelong learners.

In addition to offering a cutting-edge interdisciplinary curriculum focused on contemporary themes and global challenges, the honors program provides students a close community of not only other honors students but also mentorship with faculty, alumni and community members beyond FSU. These experiences not only foster higher-level thinking as a foundation for future leadership and academic success but also provide for a well-rounded student experience. Our honors students are leaders in many university organizations, they win national and international awards, and they volunteer in the local and global community which, in turn, brings distinction to Florida State University.

Through your support, we can offer more students access to each impactful event, expand the scope and diversity of speakers and experiences, and provide financial support for students to engage in honors program field trips in the U.S. and globally. 


Photos of Honor, Scholars and Fellows students