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Endowed Gifts

The basic plan underlying an endowed fund is simple—the principal of the fund is never spent.

The principal is invested, and the earnings are used to fulfill the purpose(s) for which the fund was created. Funds may be created for scholarships, fellowships, lectureships, research, professorships, library acquisitions, academic chairs, scientific and technical equipment, capital improvements or any other educational purpose of Florida State University.

Donors may use either outright or deferred gifts to establish endowed funds. Endowments can be established in the donor’s name, the name of their business, or in honor of someone important to the donor.

Endowment Frequently Asked Questions and
Investment & Spending Policies

John Carrigan
Assistant Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
(850) 644-0766

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Endowed gifts to the FSU Foundation solidify a belief in the transformative power of a degree from Florida State. And for these convictions, we are pleased to recognize these generous donors in the FSU Foundation’s Presidents Club.


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