FSU Foundation

Forever FSU

Consecutive Giving at Florida State

Forever FSU was created for loyal Florida State donors (they're pretty great) who show their Seminole pride with an annual gift to academics each year.

But Forever FSU is more than just a giving program—it’s a commitment to FSU’s future. It’s a legacy to uphold. It’s saying to the world, “I am Florida State University!”

You are. Or you can be (we sure hope you will).

You’re probably thinking, “This is great, I want to hear more!"

Well, allow us to tell you.

  • Annual gifts of any amount to the FSU Foundation are counted toward your Forever FSU inclusion, and your recognition begins when you have made a gift two years in a row.
  • Consecutive years of giving are counted by fiscal year, which is fancy talk for July 1–June 30.
  • Worried you missed a year? No worries. We’ve got a buy-back program.
  • Our suggestion to ensure you always remain Forever FSU? Sign up for a recurring gift.

That’s it! But if you have questions, we’ll have answers. Contact us.