Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement

Student Success Initiatives

CARE students jumping in front of the Westcott building


Of our incoming freshmen class for the fall 2019 semester, 23 percent of our students will be the first in their family to attend college. These students, who are predominantly from disadvantaged and low-income backgrounds, can face myriad financial, social and academic obstacles. In order to meet the needs of this growing and important student population, support systems must be in place to help these students not only enter college, but obtain their degrees. 

Florida State University established the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement—or CARE—in 2000 with a mission to contribute to the successful retention and graduation of undergraduate students  from disadvantaged  economic or educational circumstances. CARE provides preparation, orientation, mentoring, and academic support for first-generation students, such as college life coaching, financial literacy training, academic tutoring and more.

In addition to this academic support, CARE’s reach extends beyond the classroom. Through mentorship and the development of close-knit relationships, CARE students fully engage in University life. They are Student Body Presidents, Homecoming Chiefs and Princesses, Global Scholars, Rhodes Scholars, Fulbright recipients and more. Simply put, CARE students are integral to the future of Florida State University.

Help us shape these deserving students into our future leaders. Your gift can help FSU do even more. The State of Florida provides a two-for-one state match for all contributions to this fund, effectively tripling the financial support for this student population.

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