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General Atomics Helping to Foster Student Success at the Center for Advanced Power Systems

Center for Advanced Power Systems Building

Through a partnership with a wealth of prestigious universities, research centers and programming, the Center for Advanced Power systems along with the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering helps ambitious young engineers tap into their occupational passions and skills. But one such organization is ensuring this talented group of scholars are not only accomplishing their academic goals but positioning them on pathways toward prosperous careers.

General Atomics, a pioneer in defense and diversified technologies, has become a substantial partner of FSU, most notably for the support of students at the Center for Advanced Power Systems. Located on the southwest side of campus, this multidisciplinary research facility has been integral to FSU’s robust culture of excellence, performing nationally-recognized basic and applied research on advancing power systems technologies and their application to the field.

“We are proud to be an active partner in the CAPS program, which connects us to a talented community of engineering professors and students working on projects closely aligned with our culture of research and experimentation,” President of General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) Scott Forney stated. “We have a rich history in developing and delivering innovative power and energy technologies. The CAPS partnership is an incredible opportunity for us to support a new generation of engineers pursuing the advancement of high-power electrical systems.”

The company initially gifted $30,000 through the Florida State University Research Foundation to support CAPS’ students from the College of Engineering who are participating in Senior Design, the college’s signature capstone experience, and has continued to financially invest in these emerging industry leaders. Through an additional gift of $100,000, General Atomics is helping to ensure CAPS retains the competitive edge needed to attract and retain prospective students, deepen the center’s bench of world-class engineers and researchers and progress the program’s threshold of high-caliber advancements.

“The meaningful support General Atomics has displayed for CAPS is imperative to our students,” Director for the Center for Advanced Power Systems Dr. Roger D. McGinnis shared. “Our excellence depends on their competence to succeed and we’ve only begun to skim the surface of what innovations can be discovered here. General Atomics is allowing us to push the envelope of what we are able to achieve.”

Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Power Systems Sastry Pamidi added, “General Atomics is allowing the college and CAPS to attract students into critical areas of technology involving modern electric power systems, including superconducting technologies through undergraduate research programs and graduate student fellowships.”

The General Atomics name has become familiar among students and faculty throughout CAPS and the college. An innovator across the science and technology spectrum, next-generation engineers are grateful for the company’s dedication to enhancing their educational experience, but their investment in these scholars has moved beyond time spent in the classroom.

General Atomics continues to provide many opportunities for talented Florida State graduates to launch thriving careers within the organization itself.

“Several graduates have joined our company, and are working as vital, contributing members of our engineering Center of Excellence,” Forney continued. “The knowledge and experience they gained via the CAPS program are directly applied to the development of Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) simulation capabilities at GA-EMS, helping us facilitate the delivery of critical power and energy technologies to our customers.”

With more than 30 faculty and staff, as well as 55 graduate and undergraduate students, CAPS consistently works on a variety of projects ranging from assisting the U.S. Navy in building an all-electric ship to creating sophisticated electrical testing operations. CAPS is also the first university test site accredited by the U.S. Navy to perform power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) simulations.

Visit the Center for Advanced Power Systems online to learn more about their programs and ways to support.