Helping Our FSU Students


During this trying time, Florida State University is working tirelessly to remove barriers so all FSU students continue to receive the highest quality education. That’s why we’ve created these student emergency funds.

The student emergency funds quickly address a variety of our students’ needs—from food insecurity and medical bills to technology and housing assistance. Join us, if you’re able, in helping our students finish strong!

Have questions? See FAQs below or download a PDF of the FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FSU students have been reaching out for financial assistance to help mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their educational endeavors. Florida State University is working tirelessly to ensure students can remain in school through this crisis, and help our seniors graduate.

This support is truly student-driven—the funds are flexible enough to accommodate the wide and varied needs of our students during this ever-evolving crisis.

The student emergency funds can be used for a wide variety of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Technology (laptop, internet access, etc.) to optimize distance learning
  • Rent and living expenses due to job loss or reduced hours
  • Food insecurity
  • Transportation to their home
  • Medical bills

Additionally, we are continuing to operate our Food for Thought Pantry, by appointment only, for students who remain on campus or who have not left the greater Tallahassee area. Donors may also directly support the FSU student food pantry by purchasing items listed on its Amazon Wish List.

The student emergency funds have been created to be put to work immediately for our students. Support will be granted to students who complete an application process and distributed as both need and financial support is identified. Simply put, the more funds raised, the more students we are able to help at a faster speed!

Gifts can be made online using credit card, debit card or PayPal at

Gifts not made online may be received via check made payable the FSU Foundation and reference Fund F08909 (Tallahassee campus student emergency fund) or Fund F08686 (Panama City campus student emergency fund. Donors may also directly support the FSU student food pantry by purchasing items listed on its Amazon Wish List.

In light of recent concerns surrounding COVID-19, the need to support our students is greater than ever. With that in mind, FSU’s Great Give will focus solely on providing support that will remove barriers for our students, so they may continue to receive the best academic experience possible. FSU’s Great Give: Support our Students (SOS) will be held Tuesday, April 7, and gifts made during this time are encouraged to support the student emergency funds. This one-day giving event is designed to rally our Seminole community around one important cause that will help our students finish the year strong.