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Project Overview

Florida State University is excited to announce the launch of a new centralized scholarship management system called FS4U—Finding Scholarships for You! FS4U offers many useful online features and benefits for students as well as faculty and staff who are involved in awarding scholarships. Students can view available scholarships for which they are eligible, apply for scholarships, and view and accept scholarship offers. Faculty and staff can view applicants eligible for specific scholarships, review and score applications, select recipients, offer scholarships and monitor award status. All Foundation scholarships awarded for the 2019-2020 academic year, beginning with the fall semester, will be administered within the new system.

Implementation of the system began with building out key features of the system including the creation of a general application, along with configuring student data imported from Campus Solutions. Once this was completed, Foundation staff met with scholarship administrators in each academic unit to determine the list of funds to be loaded into the system, to identify any additional questions that needed to be collected from students when applying for scholarships and to address any questions they had. Two full day training sessions were held by our consultants to users and an open window for testing was provided prior to launching the system on January 4, 2019.

This page was established to keep academic units informed throughout the implementation process. In addition to this overview, a list of frequently asked questions as well as relevant dates or other important information pertaining to the implementation phase of the project is provided below. Additional communication also took place throughout implementation via email listservs created for our users.

2018—19 Implementation Timeline

Dates Action Items
October 16 – November 8 Kickoff meetings with academic units were held
October 29 – November 30 System setup was validated and finalized
December 4 – 5 On-site training was provided
December 5 – 19 Campus-wide testing period was opened
December 20 – January 3 System was taken down in preparation for go-live
January 4 FS4U went live to accept applications for Fall 2019

Communication Updates

Implementation Timeline FAQs

The following list of frequently asked questions were compiled during the implementation phase of the FS4U project.