The Phone Center

An important Annual Giving initiative, the FSU Phone Center employs well-trained student callers who are eager to share their stories and how you may support the University’s many academic programs and scholarships.

When you receive a call from a student fundraiser from (850) 644-1080, please remember, they are FSU students helping to fund their education while ensuring the University is able to achieve its mission of academic excellence.


Phone Center Employment:

The Phone Center employs nearly 70 students who work year-round providing information to the thousands of members of Florida State University community while offering them an opportunity to support the University’s academic future. 

Apply for a position with the Phone Center.

Phone Center Operating Hours:

  • Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
    2-5 p.m., 6-9 p.m.
  • Tuesday
    6-9 p.m.

Phone Center Pledge Inquiries:

  • Annual Giving
    (850) 645-9152
  • Angel Canada
    Phone Center Manager
    (850) 644-0326